Methane abatement and carbon storage through improved kangaroo management.

AWS has done a report for Agrifutures on how outcome-focused kangaroo management could reduce GHG emissions and increase on-farm productivity. It evaluates the opportunity for integrating grazing of kangaroos into pastoral enterprises to help Australia meet its Paris Agreement targets while increasing the value of kangaroos in the hands of graziers.

We identify that income lost by reducing the impact of livestock could be recouped through increasing the value of kangaroo harvested, credits for emissions reduction and for soil carbon

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A Stronger Leather Industry Would lead to Better Kangaroo Welfare and Conservation

ROO RUNS A stronger kangaroo industry would lead to better kangaroo welfare and conservation not only of kangaroo populations but also landscapes and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. PENNY / PIXABAY

Most of Australia’s 40 million kangaroos are on pastoral land and in good seasons their numbers increase dramatically. They are a cost to landowners by limiting livestock numbers that might otherwise be carried, reducing livestock carcass weights and

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The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Assessment Report on the Sustainable Use of Wild Species 

“The IPBES Assessment Report on the Sustainable Use of Wild Species is the result of four years of work by 85 leading experts from the natural and social sciences, and holders of indigenous and local knowledge, as well as 200 contributing authors, drawing on more than 6,200 sources. It was specifically requested by, among others, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). It also has immediate relevance to the work of the Convention on

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Petitions to the European Parliament to ban EU imports of kangaroo products do more harm than good

In the absence of a commercial industry, increased conservation and pest culling (with poorer animal welfare outcomes) would still need to occur to manage the populations of certain species.

  • A strictly regulated and ethical commercial industry has the ability to make use of kangaroos that would otherwise need to be discarded.
  • It ensures kangaroos are harvested humanely by licensed and qualified shooters, in sustainable numbers.
  • Instead of banning products, any issues need to be addressed through research –
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Kangaroo Management – Seeking a way forward

Episode 5 of the Pastoral Poddy “The Kanga Series”

“Throughout this special series on kangaroo management, we’ve unpacked a range of issues around this wicked challenge. From landowners, conservation groups and the indigenous community to wildlife advocates, industry and the general public, everyone has a different view and story to tell. With focuses varying from economics to morals to conservation issues, it can be challenging to find common ground.

In this episode, we’ll hear from an ecologist, the industry and

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Traditional Owners and Kangaroos

Episode 4 of the Pastoral Poddy “The Kanga Series”

“Kangaroos have a cultural and spiritual significance for Aboriginal people, being a totem for some and a source of food and clothing for many. Tune in to learn about the diversity of views that Aboriginal people have about kangaroo management. When caring for country, they use a holistic, sustainable approach. There are still challenges, as traditional methods can sometimes clash with legislation. In this episode, we’ll talk to indigenous community members

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Kangaroos and drought

Episode 3 of the Pastoral Poddy “The Kanga Series”

“Drought is a stressful time for any farmer trying to balance competing business, livestock and landscape demands. Kangaroos also struggle in drought with inevitable dehydration and starvation from lack of food and water. Join us to see how the use of new tools and how being proactive instead of reactive, will help both landholders and kangaroos in this challenging situation.”

You can listen to it here on the NSW Local Land

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Koala Insurance Population

We are on the lookout for collaborators who are interested in establishing a predator free, disease free, koala insurance population in high quality habitat behind wire.  The bottom line would be more koalas with a wider distribution.

Australian Wildlife Services Principal George Wilson recently visited Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary – Macadamia Castle to discuss the idea.

Finding a site is challenging!

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Understanding kangaroo grazing pressure

Episode 2 of the Pastoral Poddy “The Kanga Series”

“Managing total grazing pressure on your property is challenging, particularly from unmanaged animals. As landholders in Western NSW know, kangaroo numbers can fluctuate very quickly across individual properties, uprooting and damaging plants and negatively impacting the land. Research is addressing this challenge, focusing on a positive outcome for both production and biodiversity. Join us in this episode as we talk to a farmer and see how he is better managing kangaroo

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