Kangaroo Management – Seeking a way forward

Episode 5 of the Pastoral Poddy “The Kanga Series”

“Throughout this special series on kangaroo management, we’ve unpacked a range of issues around this wicked challenge. From landowners, conservation groups and the indigenous community to wildlife advocates, industry and the general public, everyone has a different view and story to tell. With focuses varying from economics to morals to conservation issues, it can be challenging to find common ground.

In this episode, we’ll hear from an ecologist, the industry and the government about some new strategic initiatives that aim to give a voice to these diverse groups. We’ll see how education, consultation and innovation can be part of the solution. Tune in to hear how a predictive tool for kangaroo populations and new adaptive approaches could help advance kangaroo management in Australia.”

You can listen to it here on the iNSW Local Land Services Website:

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