Graziers must hop into roo fight: QLD Country Life report

George Wilson was invited to present to the Agforce 360 Regional Conference of pastoralists in Charleville. He argued that landholders should regard the >30 million kangaroos on their properties in Qld as an asset rather than liability. Even on current market value they are worth more than $400 million. Agforce is considering changing its policy to actively support kangaroo industry notwithstanding significant prejudice and disdain from some cattle producers. If landholders become more involved in quality and management of supply

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Non-lethal Kangaroo Control

Dr George Wilson is able to help urban landholders with non-lethal control of kangaroo populations, in particular sterilisation of dominant males. Sterilisation of dominant males is:

  • Permanent
  • One treatment
  • Relatively cheap
  • Doesn’t interfere natural behaviour
  • Non lethal
  • Public relations acceptable
  • Leads to an effective non-lethal reduction in rate of increase.

Contact George Wilson for more information or

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Submission to Inquiry into National Landcare Program

George Wilson made a submission to Inquiry into National Landcare Program  2014 by the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications. The submission drew attention to the pilot projectbeing run by the Maranoa Kangaroo Harvesters and Growers Cooperative Ltd in south-central Queensland. The project involves the collaboration of landholders and kangaroo harvesters through the local Landcare Group. The Mitchell and District Landcare Association is the major shareholder in the Cooperative. The shareholding has the capacity to provide income to the

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