Understanding kangaroo grazing pressure

Episode 2 of the Pastoral Poddy “The Kanga Series”

“Managing total grazing pressure on your property is challenging, particularly from unmanaged animals. As landholders in Western NSW know, kangaroo numbers can fluctuate very quickly across individual properties, uprooting and damaging plants and negatively impacting the land. Research is addressing this challenge, focusing on a positive outcome for both production and biodiversity. Join us in this episode as we talk to a farmer and see how he is better managing kangaroo

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The Bureau of Meteorology has declared the third La Niña is underway for Australia

What does this mean for our kangaroos?

Most likely, the boom of all population booms while resources become more and more abundant. But what will folllow… The bust of all busts when El Niño hits?

Kangaroo management is a serious animal and human welfare issue. Kangaroos play an important role in Australian landscapes and ecosystems, and a large role in total grazing pressure. Australia’s usual reactive strategy, during drought, results in death by starvation or by culling when kangaroos compete

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Kangaroo management — It’s complicated

There is a great 5 episode podcast on Pastoral Poddy called “The Kanga Series”.

Episode 1 is “Kangaroo management — It’s complicated”.

“Kangaroo management is a complicated, nationwide issue that involves many diverse stakeholders. In this episode, we’ll talk to an ecologist and an academic to better understand the complex issues surrounding kangaroo management, including diverse approaches such as translocation, fertility control, culling and commercial harvesting. We’ll also hear from a researcher who’s looking for solutions by developing a tool

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