Aerial surveys on Angas Downs 2012

Annual aerial survey monitoring was conducted  on Angas Downs IPA in July 2012. These surveys complement surveys also conducted in 2010 & 2011. IPA Rangers and Jennifer Smits (AWS) counted animals seen at low level and 200 m on either side of the aircraft. Species targeted /observed included camels, kangaroos, horses and cattle.

These studies are vital to understanding populations of kangaroos and pressures from camel and

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Chapter in Book on Food Security – use of native animals

George Wilson contributes chapter on native animals as food producers in a book published this week by Springer.     A promotional free preview of the entire  Book  Food Security in Australia, edited by Q. Farmar-Bowers, J. Millar, and V. Higgins is available

The chapter describes how few native animals, other than fish and crustaceans, are used in food production by the humans who recently arrived in Australia. Even Aboriginal Australians have now become reliant on

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