Indigenous Heritage – new recording of sites on Angas Downs

During August-September, Indigenous Heritage surveys of rock art and artefact sites on Angas Downs was undertaken by Aboriginal elders, Australian Wildlife Services, Angas Downs Rangers and volunteers. Significant discoveries were made including rock painting and carvings sites and areas with abundant stone tools. The project which is ongoing, aims to locate and document unrecorded heritage sites, assess site condition, consult with traditional owners and community and formulate monitoring and management plans to protect the sites. The new sites have cultural importance as well as tourism potential for the Anangu owners of Angas Downs. Discussions to lead tourists to the sites will take place after assessment of site condition and management plans are in place. Anangu elders have asked to keep the locations and photos of the paintings confidential until Anangu elders are able to discuss their aspirations.

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