AWS provides a wide range of services and professional products. We have in-house specialist wildlife management, veterinary, aeronautical, mapping, data processing and design skills and an extensive network of sub contractors.

Property and regional wildlife management planning

Providing a service for landholders and others wanting to increase wildlife on private land, establish private wildlife sanctuaries on lifestyle farms, tourism ventures and mining.

Habitat protection

Defining habitat protection requirements for species, and implementation through landscape conservation, vegetation restoration, fire management, controlling wildfire and prescribed burning, and water supply management.


Using Geographic Information Systems and mapping packages to describe attributes of land and properties. Linking to regional resource information and data. Details of AWS’s GIS Capability download [Download not found]

Population management

Setting sustainable harvests and restricting hunting access, and advice on feral animal control including both predators and herbivores.

Commercial opportunities for kangaroo management and carbon market access

Managing kangaroos within regions to produce financial incentives for land holders, kangaroo harvesters and game meat processors including assessment of carbon market opportunities.

Property management software

Integrating property management software into wildlife conservation initiatives.

Wildlife-based tourism initiatives

Planning tourism operations that seek to enable the value of wildlife to support habitat conservation.

Aboriginal land management

Support for Indigenous land management agencies in sustainable use of wildlife by communities on Aboriginal lands.

Wildlife management support

Population surveys

Collaboration with Universities in gathering of aerial data and ground surveys of large animal abundance.

Techniques for population survey and control such as; aerial radio tracking, aerial population surveys and monitoring.

Remote sensing

Use of infra red activated digital and video cameras for viewing wildlife including underground viewing.

Introductions and endangered species management
Support for acquiring and introducing species onto farms especially life style and semi residential operations.

Fence design

Wildlife Proof Fence Design – Advice, design services and costing of feral animal and marsupial proof fencing.

Animal capture and translocation

Tranquiliser guns to capture wild animals and transport them.


For wildlife population monitoring  (and other environmental and cultural data collection), cybertracker software can be tailored by AWS to suit your project. For more information download [Download not found]

Environmental Assessment Review

AWS can review and provide advice on relevant flora and fauna sections of proposed development environmental assessments (EAs) including environmental impact statements. Recent projects have included wind farm proposals across NSW and Victoria. AWS can quickly or comprehensively assess the scientific integrity of the EA documentation including survey techniques and data analysis, investigate historical flora and fauna records and analyse development proximity to habitat and potential impact (using GIS). We critique / review the relevant chapters on matters of national environmental significance (MNES) under the EPBC Act and other relevant State legislation and guidelines.

Veterinary services

Veterinary support for a range of interventions including laboratory animal science services such as examination of semen and haematology for zoos and nature parks, species reintroductions, and epidemiology and disease control.

GIS Mapping

AWS has full GIS capability in house using ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Manifold and interfacing with Google Earth. Our mapping and GIS work ranges from digitizing hand drawn maps to complex spatial model development. Details and examples of AWS’s GIS Capability download [Download not found]

Information technology and report preparation

Data gathering and management

Based on extensive experience in consultation, gathering field information and opinions from a wide range of sources, particularly in remote areas and taking advantage of the company’s capacity to fly by light aircraft.

Capacity to travel rapidly to remote areas by air and conduct interviews and consultations.

Software development

Development of data management systems using Access and UNIX to handle results on the interviews and survey gathering.
Use of Mind Manager software to identify priorities develop ideas and structures for reports.

Cybertracker sequence development and support.

Wildlife data

Collation of records and information on wildlife populations, harvesting and values using ArcInfo and Manifold software.


Expertise in specialised photography using infrared cameras to track the movement of wildlife.

Illustration of reports with technical and creative the photographs.

Report and Design Skills

Presenting report attractively logically and clearly.
Rural innovation and sustainable alternatives

Advice on wildlife tours

Support for groups of tourists or individuals on the best places to see wildlife. Suggestions for iconic species and places.

Advice on expeditions and tour options is based on thirty years experience of Dr George Wilson working in the outback as a zoologist, veterinarian, research scientist, resource conservationist and pilot.

For more information visit the Australia Wildlife Tours website

Business planning

Business plan preparation for agri-industry development particularly in regard to new and emerging alternative industries.

Proposals have a focus on integrating conservation and development and are based on extensive experience in networks and sound commercial analysis.

Brokering ecosystem services

Identification of opportunities for returns to landholders from ecosystem service payments including from biodiversity credits and carbon credits.
Leveraging existing land ownership so that conservation can be achieved by the development of sustainable economic incentives.

Enterprise Development Proposals

Support in developing funding and contractual arrangements for research milestones, timelines and budgets.

Assistance in the preparation of applications for funding and proposal writing.

Environment Management Systems in Agriculture

Identification of on-farm sustainability opportunities including integrating on-farm EMS with the national NRM agenda, labeling of produce and compliance with Wildlife Stewardship criteria.
An EMS is an integrated management system that businesses can use to identify and manage their impact on the environment and improve production efficiency.

Research program management

Strategic Analysis

Identifying research needs, opportunities and priorities. Development of research plans.

Program management

Providing research program support and management for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Programs on Environment and Farm Management and Rangelands and Wildlife.

Funding and Contracting


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