Parma Wallabies

At AWS, one of our current missions is to assist the relocation Parma Wallabies from a privately sponsored captive breeding program at Mount Wilson, NSW. The owner of the property, Mr. Peter Pigott AM, has been looking after them in an effort to save the rare species which was threatened with extinction but is now listed as vulnerable. George Wilson helped with the establishment of the colony 50 years ago.  Their numbers have steadily increased as a result of conservation efforts, and today Yengo is likely holds the largest Parma population on the planet!

Parma wallabies are one of the smallest of the Macropus family, which includes all wallabies and kangaroos. They weigh between 3 – 6 kgs and grow to roughly 0.5m in length. Due to their shy nature and patchy distribution, Parmas were thought to be extinct in Australia until 1967, when they were rediscovered at Gosford, NSW. They are very dependent on shelter.

AWS is exploring options for translocating some of Peter’s wallabies to zoos and sanctuaries across Australia that are interested in acquiring the species. We are hoping to relocate the Parmas in an effort to continue Peter’s conservation success and to ensure their existence in our uncertain future.

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