National Kangaroo Statement

Improving kangaroo management, reducing waste and better welfare

The National Statement on Kangaroo Management arose from symposia in 2019 at the Australian Rangeland Society
and the Ecological Society of Australia Conferences. The context and supporting references for this statement are presented in a special edition of Ecological Management & Restoration. A copy can be downloaded at the link National Kangaroo Statement . Page one Page two The authors seek its endorsement and support.

The NSW Kangaroo Management Task Force (KMT) is scoping a proposal to the Future Drought Fund (FDF) to seek suport for implement the Strategy. We are doing so because landholder members of the KMT believe unmanaged kangaroos have brought the onset of the drought forward by six months, have damaged the environment and sustainability of primary production and potentially threaten the social licence of all rangeland pastoral industries. In order to prevent a recurrence and improve drought resilience, a range of activities are under consideration that we feel constitute a holistic and sustainable solution to this acute and chronic agricultural risk.

The Statement proposes the creation of a National Kangaroo Task Force to prepare a National Kangaroo Strategy beginning with the Terms of Reference recommended in the Statement attached.

Strategy preparation would be Stage 1. It would then be implemented in Stage 2 field trials, demonstrations, and applied economic and social research.

In order to build the case that a National Kangaroo Program that addresses all the objectives of the FDF, the KMT is encouraging parties who are interested in collaborating to endorse the need for a Strategy. Support and participation in this process would be most welcome.

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