Australian Peoples’ Tribunal For Community and Nature’s Rights

2018 Public Inquiry into the Impact of Industrial Scale Agriculture on Australia’s Ecosystems and Local Communities.

George Wilson was invited to appear before the Tribunal in Brisbane on 27 October 2018.

The Tribunal holds Public Inquiries and hears Ecological Justice Cases, brought on behalf of flora, fauna, ecosystems, bioregions and local communities around Australia. As a ‘citizen’s tribunal’ the Peoples Tribunal is not a government endorsed activity nor do any of its activities, decisions or recommendations have the force of government-sanctioned law. A Tribunal Panel made up of First Nations Peoples, lawyers, community representatives and eminent scientists, hear Inquiries and Cases, and make recommendations for restorative justice, innovative law reform and socio-political reforms that will Care for Country and protect the Rights of Nature.

George Wilson spoke of opportunities for use of kangaroos rather than introduced herbivores. He was responding to questions about the impact of industrial scale agriculture had on First Nations Peoples’ Food Systems since colonisation in 1788 and how can these systems be restored? How can we change modern agricultural practices so that they support, rather than destroy, Australia’s ecosystems and biodiversity?

The proceedings took place in the courtroom before Tribunal Chairperson, Dr Michelle Maloney and members  Maryraham, Kombumerri Peoples,  Ross Williams, Bindal/Juru Peoples, Gill Boehringer, lawyer  and  Gwynne MacCarrick, lawyer, UTAS. More details and 

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