Kangaroo management in crisis – desperate graziers erect cluster fences

Graziers are erecting kangaroo-proof fences around groups of properties and lowering kangaroo numbers through various means, most of which have poor animal welfare and biodiversity outcomes.  George Wilson argues in a paper to the 2018 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference in Brisbane that a stronger kangaroo industry will reverse this trend, improve sustainability and reduce wastage.  

The kangaroo harvesting industry is currently declining largely due to animal rights campaigns. In recent years less than 20% of the annual quota has been taken.  Populations of most of Australia’s 40 million plus kangaroos fluctuate widely and  are regarded by the landholders on whose properties they occur as pests that compete with livestock, rather than as assets. 

The  AVA paper outlines how current kangaroo management could be improved. Download the Proceedings and his presentation at the links.



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