The Great Elephant Census – Congo and Uganda

AWS is supporting the Great Elephant Census by conducting technical reviews of aerial surveys that have been conducted in Uganda and the Congo.  Dozens of researchers are flying in light aircraft to capture comprehensive observational data of elephants and elephant carcasses. The project supported by the Paul Allen Foundation is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date data about the number and distribution of African elephants using standardized aerial surveys of tens of hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. A standardized method of data collection, requires validation by independent advisors.

There has not been a pan-African census in over 40 years, and none have been completed using a standardized process and an independent validation process.  The resulting database is designed to provide valuable information to governments, scientists, NGOs and all wildlife stakeholders in Africa so they can make strategic decisions on how to manage and protect elephant populations. More information is available here.

  Strip transect methodology – great elephant count
Elephant bulls – great elephant count
A herd of eland counted on a computer

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