Landscape Function Analysis and Soil Carbon on Angas Downs

During December 2010, Australian Wildlife Services conducted two weeks of field work and monitoring on Angas Downs with the Anangu Angas Downs IPA Rangers. Monitoring included Landscape Function Analysis transects, soil carbon and bulk density cores, pitfall trapping, Cybertracker surveys, Track-based monitoring and photo points. All LFA sites showed an increase in landscape function due to increases in annual and perennial plant growth. Soil Carbon analysis is pending with the Australian National University in Canberra. Due to 544mm recorded at the Angas Downs camp during the year, the plants, flowers, animals, reptiles and birds are flourishing. Of particular abundance were water birds including Cormorants, White-faced herons, Black-tailed Native hens (breeding), Banded Plovers (breeding), wood ducks, grey teals, hardheads and during October a Black-fronted Dotteral and Nankeen Night Heron were observed. Cockateils were in the 100s. Three species of reptiles not previously observed on Angas Downs were also observed.

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