Indigenous Employment Program

AWS has been offered a position on the Economic Development and Business Panel of the Indigenous Employment Program.  An open tender process was conducted by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for membership of the panel.

The Panel allows organisations to be on a pre-qualified list of suppliers to provide quality services and innovative projects to help achieve employment outcomes and business development assistance for Indigenous Australians. The Employment Panel is available for a broad range of projects to equip employers and job seekers with the skills, knowledge and expertise in order to maximise sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

The Indigenous Employment Program funds projects on a rolling basis, with different projects each having their own start and end date.

In announcing the results of the tender the Government said that “the services provided through the  Panel will foster and support enterprises from their beginning and throughout their development. The Panels have been designed to be as flexible as possible to allow for good ideas to be funded as need arises.  The new panel arrangements will provide flexibility so that the Government can better work with Indigenous communities, organisations and individuals to deliver better projects and improved employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians.”

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