Support for Indigenous Rural enterprises

Eight Indigenous workers have been employed as rangers on Angas Downs. They are providing environmental services to implement the Plan of management developed by AWS for the Indigenous Protected Area. the project is supported by Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Working on Country 2008/09 program, Ranger work includes:

  1. Restoring and reactivating 10 water sources in non-pastoral areas by cleaning out traditional wells and restoring bores and supply of water to native species and culturally significant sites. Solar pumps will be installed on some of the sites.
  2. Excluding feral animals such as camels and horses through construction of fences and gates to eliminate their access to 8 water sources.
  3. Implementing weed, feral animal and fire control programs, including traditional patch burning regimes.
  4. Collating records of kangaroo, emu and other wildlife seen on Angas Downs.
  5. Reintroducing threatened or significant wildlife, particularly emu.

AWS is working with Anangu to help coordinate the project and provide scientific and technical support. The Canberra Burley Griffin Rotary Club is sponsoring the acquisition of solar pumps to go on bores for wildlife.

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